Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Making perfume easy with perfume information online

In today's world you can purchase perfume anywhere, and there hundred of branded company in the market today and some are home made perfume. Perfume can purchase in a big shopping malls, perfume counter,small stalls selling gift and perfume or shops along the road side or in a night market. All telling you that same things that their product is genuine and smell nice but their prices are cheaper. Making perfume are quite easy this days as you get perfume information from the internet online.

Buying perfume from a well known branded company and from a known stall are more safe to used then buying perfume from a night market or roadside stalls as the ingredients used are not checked by the enforcement officer. Some Perfume ingredients are found and is mixed with pesticides and chemical that can be harmful to our eyes, skin and our nervous systems and also to asthma patients.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Learn about perfume information from your computer

If you are interesting in making your own perfume as making your own perfume can save you a lot then buying from perfume counter outlet or branded perfume shops. Besides making you own perfume, you can have the scent which suit to your taste and can determine the strong smell you like the perfume to stay in your body. Today's computer makes your life easy, just go through internet online and browse Perfume information. You can get anything about perfume information. The early days about perfume is make, where it started and also the latest about how perfume is make.

Today's you can notice there are many branded perfume company in the market all selling their brand perfume but to the conclusion it is the scent that its individual customers prefer. Making your own perfume what you want to know is the three notes which you can get from internet perfume information. The best information to preserve your perfume whether you brought from shops or making your own perfume is to kept in areas that are away from heat sources. This allows the smell to stay very long in the bottle.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Imformation on how to make perfume last longer

Perfume are make of essential oils, pure vodka and spring water. The three notes which are classics as the base notes, the middle notes and the top notes. The base notes had the stronger smell and the smell will last longer than the middle and the top notes. Perfume are first used in the middle east for the queen, king and high subject people to take their bath and than brought into Europe.

To make the smell stronger is to add addition amount of concentration of oil in the fragrance of the perfume. Besides to make the smell last very long, when making perfume shake it well and let it stay for a two to three months before filter it into a bottle.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get perfume information through internet online

There are many ways that one can get perfume information. The best ways to get perfume information is throught internet online as its give you information how to make your own perfume, the history of how perfume is make and the country where perfume are first make. Some said it came from the middle east like country of Egypt, China or even Italy.

If you browse throught the internet online you can said that perfume are first come from Egypt during cleoptra reign, where the queen and the high subject take their bath with perfume add in the water. The perfume bottle was so beautiful with beautiful shape and design. Lastly you can obtained information to make your own perfume.


Monday, October 15, 2007

The basis to perfume imformation are the three notes

The basis to perfume imformation are the three different types of oils, The base notes, the middle notes and the top notes. which are comined with others types of plants extracts to creat the oil frangrance. The base note which is called the first types is always blended with the strongest frangrance types of oils so as to retain the frangrance to stay for a longer periods of time. Most of the base notes smell are od sandalwood, ferns and vanilla frangrance.

The middle notes which is most preffered as the second notes has many influence on the frangrance and also has a major parts to the smell of the frangrance oils but the smell is not as stong as the base notes. The smell of the middle notes which the essence includes of ylang ylang and lemongrass.

The top notes which add to the smell of the frangrance and a mixture after the middle notes and it is very essential when preparing the frangrance for the perfume. The frangrance most comes from orchids, lemon, rose, lime and lavender. This essential oils or perfume oils have a nice smells which can be used for perfumed candles, aromatherapy oil for massage and bathing soap. which has no side effects.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Early perfume bottle was found in ancient Egyptian tombs

Most of the early perfume and perfume bottle was found in the ancient Egyptian tombs ways back to around 1500 BC and it is very important to the early civilizations people and was used by the king, Queen, Royal subjects and the rich and business people. It is said that the history of perfumery is as old as the history of the humanity.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, perfume bottle was said to be make in England with beautiful design and shape and was made of many kinds of materials such as enamel, procelain and silver. It is said to be a love token from husband to his newly wedded wife. At that time enamel bottles was to said to be very popular as the bottles contained glass phials with tight stopper.

The enamel bottles were decorated with painted flowers, classical scenes and landscape and are essential for safe storage to prevent damage from sunlight and evaporation with it tight stoppers.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Kurkdjian designing perfume for many known cosmetic company

Its was known that Kurkdjian make his name by designing fragrance and perfumed for Guerlian, Christian Dior and Elizabeth Arden. He began to study about materials and techniques used to make perfume during the 18th century time. He and Feydeau do alot of reserched about perfume scent and the notes. Using fowers such as roses, jasmine,tuberroses and orange flowers.

Later Kurkdjian began to developing an olfactory. He used rhizomes from tuscan iris and with the highest quality of essences oil and after six month of floral experimentation, he reaches the point when what you have in front of your nose matches what you have in your mind. Both said the perfume which bursts out of the bottle in a bouquet of competing scents, then after a couple of hours of wear settles into the fragrances of a summer evening in a lush garden -- turns heads and elicits compliments when she wears it to events at the chateau.